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Garagem / Re: O meu toyota!!
« em: 06 de Julho de 2006, 05:08 »

Garagem / Re: Restauro Mazda GLC (323)-1415cc de 1980
« em: 11 de Janeiro de 2005, 18:22 »

Hi MazdaMan Toninho,

    I like your Mazda:[praise] , good luck with the rest of the restoration.
    I can't wait to see this like new again!:[hihih]

Good Luck,

Garagem / Re: SO-80-07
« em: 14 de Julho de 2006, 06:05 »

Very good can't wait to see some pictures :[faroia] :[faroia]  

Geral / Re: Miniaturas - Onde, quanto, marcas?
« em: 03 de Fevereiro de 2006, 06:12 »

Some of them models are really good :[faroia]

Here is a Toyota Dyna 400.

Here are some more for auction on ebay.

The url is:


Geral / Re: Japoneses Antigos en TENERIFE
« em: 07 de Maio de 2007, 09:53 »
nunoturbo, :[fixe]  :[fixe]  :[group]  

Here are some pictures from the modified car show in Tenerife.

1980 Toyota Landcruiser BJ42.

Nissan Patrol.

These were the only classics there :[mantafudide]  

ToyotaDyna :[fixe]  

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Geral / Re: Japoneses Antigos en TENERIFE
« em: 05 de Maio de 2007, 00:17 »
Hi Fellowmax,

Good luck to your firend restoring his Daihatsu Charade :[fixe]  

I agree MRS, there are some different models in Tenerife than in Europe.

I saw a Toyota Dyna BU20 tipper yesterday but I had no camera :(  
The Dyna BU30 seems rare here :[tolo]  

There is a modified car show on here tomorrow so I will get some pictures of any Japs there for AJA :[fixe]  

ToyotaDyna :[fixe]  

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Geral / Re: Japoneses Antigos en TENERIFE
« em: 05 de Maio de 2007, 00:13 »
(This message was left blank)

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Geral / Re: Japoneses Antigos en TENERIFE
« em: 03 de Maio de 2007, 01:29 »

Really? are they rare in Portugal? I thought that it might be rare because I have never seen one like that on AJA :lol

I will get some more pictures of it tomorrow it never moves from that spot :rollin  :p :p

ToyotaDyna :[fixe]  

Geral / Re: Japoneses Antigos en TENERIFE
« em: 03 de Maio de 2007, 01:10 »
Hi Vítor :)

Thank you!!

OK I have it hosted now :)

Geral / Japoneses Antigos em TENERIFE
« em: 03 de Maio de 2007, 01:02 »
Hi everyone,

I am in Tenerife at the moment so I can start posting some classic Japanese cars and trucks to AJA.

Tenerife still has many old cars driving around and in rust free condition.

I will start with a Toyota Starlet 60 series 1980-1983 estate.

More to come soon :)    

ToyotaDyna :[fixe]    

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Geral / Re: Comerciais Japoneses
« em: 28 de Fevereiro de 2006, 07:57 »

Geral / Re: Comerciais Japoneses
« em: 27 de Fevereiro de 2006, 10:09 »


Here is an earlier Mazda Titan (E series) with a slightly different grill and bumper than the blue one above.

It has a 3.3 litre petrol engine.

And it is in good sunny Australia :[rotfl] :[rotfl]


Geral / Re: Comerciais Japoneses
« em: 23 de Fevereiro de 2006, 06:22 »
Yes you are right Rui, it is a V12-H. It has the same B engine that is in the Dyna BU30 and has twin rear tyres. There is a possiblitiy it is a V22-H with a DG 2530cc diesel engine but you would know by the engine which model it is.

That is a good question. Both the Dyna and the Delta of that generation were first manufactured in late 1977 but very few were produced. I know that the Dyna BU started in August 1977 and only 7200 units were produced until the end of that year.

I don't have any exact information about when the Delta V started production but it was also in 1977 but I don't know what month exactly.

My dad had a V22-H years ago but I never saw it. I only ever saw one about 8 years ago in Ireland it was working with a film crew :(  

Nice picture anyway Corolla KE70L :[faroia]  :[faroia]  


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Geral / Re: Comerciais Japoneses
« em: 20 de Fevereiro de 2006, 06:15 »

Your photo is the same as the blue Titan above but it is about a 7.5 ton truck.

I would say you are right the E2000 would be the one below the blue Titan. Like a Dyna BU30 and a Hiace LH11. :[fixe]  

Geral / Re: Comerciais Japoneses
« em: 13 de Fevereiro de 2006, 02:18 »

Rui, Was it a Mazda Titan?

Here is a 1979 Mazda Titan.

It is a 3.0 litre Diesel.

Here is a diesel 1980 Mazda E2000.


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