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Geral / Japoneses Antigos em TENERIFE
« em: 03 de Maio de 2007, 01:02 »
Hi everyone,

I am in Tenerife at the moment so I can start posting some classic Japanese cars and trucks to AJA.

Tenerife still has many old cars driving around and in rust free condition.

I will start with a Toyota Starlet 60 series 1980-1983 estate.

More to come soon :)    

ToyotaDyna :[fixe]    

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Geral / Toyota Vehicle Body / Chassis Production dates.
« em: 31 de Dezembro de 2004, 02:10 »
Hi everyone,

    I found a list of Toyota vehicle body numbers with chassis numbers and dates each chassis was produced.
    You can find out the month and year that your Toyota was manufactured by your chassis number.:[fixe]    
    I think it starts in about the mid 1970s to the present day.

The link is:

    It is a great way to check the year of your Toyota if you don't have any documentation for it.

Good luck!:[fixe]  :[fixe]    

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Geral / DynaCruiser!!
« em: 20 de Novembro de 2006, 09:07 »
Hi everyone,

I found this on the forum for Toyota Landcruisers.

Its a DynaCruiser :[fun] :[fun]

It was custom built in Austrailia with a Dyna cab on a Landcruiser BJ45 chassis with the H 6 cylinder diesel engine.

Have a look at this link:

Here is a picture of it

ToyotaDyna :[fixe]  

Geral / Toyota Dyna 1987 3B Diesel run on Biodiesel
« em: 26 de Outubro de 2005, 04:41 »

I got an e-mail from a guy who is going to run a Toyota Dyna 1987 with the 3B diesel engine fully on biodiesel (Vegetable oil) from Alaska to Chile for the Oil And Water Project.

Have a look at his website:

Click to hear the mp3 recording of the interview about the Dyna on the website.

It is to promote sustainable Resources.

It is a fire truck but the body is going to be removed and have a fitted boxbody fitted for traveling in.

Tractortp was asking about this in "off topic" a bout a week ago. :[fixe]


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Apresentação dos membros / New Member :: toyotadyna
« em: 05 de Novembro de 2004, 06:50 »

Hi everyone,

    I am here at last :)  :[drive]

    Great job on the forum its great.

Eventos de outros clubes / Mazdas are art in Japan!
« em: 28 de Agosto de 2006, 09:20 »

At the new Waste Incineration Plant in Naka, Japan they have this as art work.

A Mazda Titan compactor truck :[praise]

It looks cool :[rotfl]  


Isuzu ELF,NPR and NQR

This generation of Isuzu light truck was introduced in 1994.

NQR: engine 4.8 litre diesel turbo intercooler. option for a tip tronic 5 speed automatic gearbox.

NPR: engine 3.9 litre diesel turbo intercooler. standard 5 speed manual gearbox or automatic gearbox.

The Isuzu NQR 2005 Restyled.

N series Regular cab.

N series crew cab.

Cab tilted.

NPR Previous cab design.

Interior (automatic gearbox)


Actualidade automóvel Japonesa - indústria e desporto / Novo Toyota Dyna
« em: 22 de Fevereiro de 2005, 08:22 »

Novo Toyota Dyna

I have received a brochure for the new Toyota Dyna 100, 150 SWB and 150 LWB today and I have to say it looks very nice:[love]    .

The only problem is the total weight the 150 LWB can carry. It is not that much at only 1,345 kgs nearly 1.5 tons (not including the body)

It would not be able to carry as much as the older BU30 about 4,000 kgs or 4 tons no problem (including the body)

Engine (150 LWB)

Engine Type:                  D-4D, Common Rail, Diesel.
Fuel Injection System:     Direct Injection.
Induction:                     Turbo Charger with intercooler.
Capacity (cc) :               2494.
Max. Power @ Rpm:         102 bhp (975kw) / 3,000.
Max. Torque @ Rpm:        260 Nm / 1,400 - 2,600.
Transmission:                  5 Speed manual.

This is the biggest Dyna available in Ireland of this model at the moment:(    

ToyotaDyna:[fixe]    :[fixe]    

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Galeria de Modelos / TOYOTA - Motores (Gasolina e Diesel)
« em: 27 de Agosto de 2005, 07:48 »
I thought it would be a good idea if we could make up a collection of information about the different engines that were used in JA's both petrol and diesel.

This will be difficult enough because there are nearly as many engines made by the companies as vehicles;)      

I will start:[acclaim]      


B (Diesel)

Displacement: 2977 cc
Injection: indirect
Horsepower: 80 at 3600 rpm
Torque: 141 ft-lbs at 2200 rpm
Valves: 8 ohv
Bore: 95 mm
Stroke: 105 mm
Compression ratio: 21:1

Compression pressure:
Normal: 30.0 kg/cm2 (427 psi) or more
Minimum: 20.0 kg/cm2 (284 psi)
Difference: 2.0 kg/cm2 (28 psi) or less

This engine was built by Toyota, Daihatsu and Hino. You can identify the company that made it by the logo on the timing cover. It was first produced in 1974 and was stopped in 1984.

Introduced in 1974 the B series diesel engine  started the real diesel era for the Land Cruiser. The B series diesel engine is fitted to a new BJ version of the 40 Series. A four-cylinder unit displacing 2997 cc, it delivers 63 kW at 3 600 rpm and 196 NM at 2 200 rpm. Its introduction boosts Japanese home market sales, as the smaller power-unit put the diesel Cruiser in a lower tax category than its four-litre petrol-fuelled sister. Over the following years, this diesel engine is improved, eventually evolving into the 2B (3 168 cc 3/69 kW/216 NM) and 3B (3 431 cc 3/73 kW/226 NM).

Vehicles used in:

Toyota Dyna BU series
Toyota Landcruiser BJ series
Toyota Coaster BB series
Daihatsu Delta


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Galeria de Modelos / TOYOTA - Dyna (BU30) - 1978-1984.
« em: 17 de Janeiro de 2005, 04:38 »
The Toyota Dyna BU30 was introduced in August 1977 but very few where produced until January 1978. Production stopped in August 1984.
    Its twin truck is the Daihatsu Delta V22-H.
    The BU30 was fitted with the Toyota B 2977cc 3.0 litre diesel engine, the same engine as used in the Toyota Landcruiser BJ40.
    The B series Toyota engine:

 Displacement: 2977 cc
 Injection: indirect
 Horsepower: 80 at 3600 rpm
 Torque: 141 ft-lbs at 2200 rpm
 Valves: 8 ohv
 Bore: 95 mm
 Stroke: 105 mm
 Compression ratio: 21:1

 Compression pressure:
     Normal: 30.0 kg/cm2 (427 psi) or more
     Minimum: 20.0 kg/cm2 (284 psi)
     Difference: 2.0 kg/cm2 (28 psi) or less

    This engine was built by Toyota, Daihatsu and Hino. You can identify the company that made it by the logo on the timing cover. It was first produced in 1974 and was stopped in 1984.

    All Dynas from 1978-1984 have the 5 speed M50 gearbox and have a column change gear lever.

    They has leaf springs all round and drum breaks. The BU30 is a long wheel base truck and has twin rear wheels. When new they where fitted with 6.50 R 16 tyres.
    When fitted with a flat body the BU30 is rated at 2 tons.

    Here are some pictures:

ToyotaDyna:[fixe]  :[fixe]  :[fixe]  

To find out more information please visit my website from the link below.



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Galeria de Modelos / CONY - 360 Wide pick-up (AF-11) - 1965
« em: 24 de Março de 2005, 06:40 »
Cony AF-11 Wide pick-up

The Cony AF-11 (360) was introduced in Japan in May 1965 and remained available until the early 1970s.

Manufactured in Nagoya, Japan by Aichi Machine Company the Cony automobile line was part of Nissan when this truck was produced. (Cony became part of Nissan in 1965.)

Aichi is still operating today, building the Nissan Serena mini-bus.

Conys speciality was building micro-cars with engines below 360cc. The under 360cc class in Japan was taxed at a very low rate, making the cars very inexpensive.

Several body styles where available including vans, pickups and topless pickups.

The Cony 360 van was introduced in June 1966.

The Cony is fitted with a 18hp, 2 cylinder 354cc Boxer engine.

The cony has a wheelbase of 168 cm.

Rvipers Cony AF-11 Wide pick-up (360)

Cony AF-11 Wide with body

Cony 360 Topless Model

Cony 360 Wide Van


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Galeria de Modelos / NISSAN - Prairie - 1981-1989
« em: 20 de Outubro de 2005, 07:06 »
Nissan Prairie 1981-1989

The Nissan Prairie was introduced in Japan in 1981 and Europe in 1982 and was the first production multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), if the Fiat Multipla of the 1950s is not counted. It was also known as the Multi in Canada and the Stanza Wagon in the US. It, and the 1983 Mitsubishi Chariot, predated "mini-MPVs" such as the Renault Scénic and Opel Zafira by some 15 years.

The Prairie was one of the first "crossover" cars, resembling a tall station wagon with sliding doors. It was commonly ordered with five seats, though seven were available. It was the size of one of today's small SUVs (such as the Toyota RAV4 or the Honda CR-V).

The concept was inspired by the Lancia MegaGamma show car from Giorgetto Giugiaro and ItalDesign, shown in 1979. Italian design arguably also inspired the Nissan March, which is considered by some to be too close to the Fiat Uno in its "tall" concept and execution. Nissan, at the time, was very keen to have "European" styling for its cars.

It was originally launched with a 1.5-litre engine and a 1.8 followed later in the car's life, as did a four-wheel-drive version.

The first-generation Prairies, while innovative, had very poor handling, due to the removal of the B-post.

The second-generation model, from 1989, was called the Axcess in the North America.

The car was not as great an export success as anticipated—possibly because Nissan was too far ahead of its time. Few were exported outside Asia after the Prairie's second generation.

Click here for more pictures:


Back seats and boot


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Galeria de Modelos / TOYOTA - Dyna RU/JU15
« em: 21 de Novembro de 2005, 02:10 »
Toyota Dyna RU/JU15


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Galeria de Modelos / MITSUBISHI - Canter 1962-1984.
« em: 30 de Janeiro de 2005, 06:37 »
The history of the Mitsubishi Canter from 1962-1984.

Mitsubishi Canter T720

The T720 was designed and developed in 1962 and was officially introduced to the market the following year. Popularly known as the Canter, the T720 was an economical light-duty truck with a cargo capacity of 2 tons. It was powered by a fuel efficient 4-cylinder, 2000cc 4DQ diesel engine delivering 68ps at 4,200rpm. Its design was based on the 4DP diesel engine which received the 1961 "Japan Machinery Academy Award". The 4DP engine boasted the highest power output per cc of any diesel engine on the market at the time. The T720 set the standards for the Canter's famed versatility and balanced performance capabilities, the basic qualities that have continued to keep Mitsubishi's light-duty truck lineup at the head of its class through five generations. Through all five model changes, the Canter series has evolved in line with changing user needs and market trends, facts which has allowed the Canter to gain widespread consumer recognition.

Mitsubishi Canter T90

Canter's first major model change occurred in 1968 and was released as the T90 adopting the 75ps, 4DR1 diesel engine. Many of the chassis components were common with the medium-duty Jupiter model making the Canter extremely durable and adding to its product reputation. A longer wheelbase version and a gasoline powered engine were added to the lineup to offer a wider choice. In 1972, the payload was increased to 3.5 tons. The T90 was also the fastest running truck in the light-duty class.

Mitsubishi Canter T200

The Canter T200 series was released in 1973, the 3rd generation of the line. The T200 featured a newly designed straight frame and incorporated the environmentally conscious MCA (Mitsubishi Clean Air) System. The T200 offered an engine lineup comprised of the 100ps KE47, the 95ps KE42 and the 80ps 4DR diesel engine.

Mitsubishi Canter FE

In 1978, the popular Canter series underwent its fourth major model change and was renamed the FE and adopted the 90ps, 4D30 diesel engine. For added versatility, the Canter added a wide body version to the lineup. In 1980, the Canter 1.5 series was added in response to users with more modest transport needs. It was powered by the 80ps, 4DR5 diesel engine. Again in response to the ever growing consumer requirements, Mitsubishi in 1980 added a 3.5-ton wide cab model and in 1981, a double cab which increased the passenger capacity by adding a bench seat in the rear of the extended cab. The first turbocharged direct injection diesel engine in this class came onto the scene in 1982 when Mitsubishi introduced the 120ps, 4D31T engine. For further operational ease, automatic transmission models were made available in 1984.

ToyotaDyna:[fixe]   :[fixe]  

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Área Técnica / Dyna BU30 light problem
« em: 05 de Janeiro de 2006, 05:39 »


A friend that has a Dyna BU30 is having a problem with his lights.

The side lights work fine but when he switches on the dipped headlights the full beams switch on also.

On the Dyna the two lights on each side are the dipped headlights and the two in the centre are the full beams.

I know there is two relays for each dipped headlight because you can hear them clicking when you switch on the lights but for the full beams there is no clicking sound on a Dyna that is working perfect.

I was thinking it might be a problem with the dimmer switch itself.

Any help would be great.

Thanks:[fixe] :[fixe]

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