MITSUBISHI - Starion 1981

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The MITSUBISHI STARION TURBO was first introduced into the U.K. in 1981. A 2-litre single overhead camshaft design, Although its original engine did NOT include an intercooler, it was still able to produce 170bhp-and was widely regarded as.

Late in 1983 Mitsubishi Motors {The Colt Car Company in the U.K.} Introduced an Air to Air Intercooler into the Starion engine. Along with a Turbo Boost increase to 12psi the power output was increased to 177bhp.

Above you can see the general engine layout of the 2 litre Starion. This particular picture shows the early 'narrow-bodied' intercooler layout. - the intercooler was mounted horizontally with a small 'bib' spoiler forcing air upwards through it.

The next alteration by Mitsubishi was to replace the front spoiler with a deeper air-dam, this allowed the Intercooler to be mounted almost vertically and therefore became far more efficient. A three piece rear spoiler was fitted to the rear to give a 'wrap-around' effect . The bonnet had its 'vent's' removed and the side air panels re-modeled to produce an all round 'smooth' effect. The Front bumper also had the addition of high visibility driving lights installed & the alloy wheels increased in size to 15''.

In 1987 Mitsubishi Motors U.K. introduced the 'WIDE-BODY' Starion. This was the most dramatic alteration that the Starion underwent. The wheels were increased to 16'' alloys with very wide 225 rubber on the rear & 205 tyres on the front. The bodywork was . altered to include flared wheel arches and side skirt's

 The final alteration in the U.K. to the Starion was to conform to new fueling regulations with the introduction of an Unleaded engine. With a catalyst the power output was dramatically reduced to only 153bhp. The only external clue given that the car is a 2.6ltr is that Mitsubishi decided to NOT fit the 'pop up' head light washers to the front grille.

n.b. many owners of this model have now realized that removing the catalyst and replacing the standard turbo with a large Garrett, provides a massive power increase of around 240bhp !!!!!" style="border:0;"/>

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Pedro Massa - Sócio AJA Nº10

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Pedro Massa - Sócio AJA Nº10


Engraçado, desconhecia este facto.
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Pedro Massa - Sócio AJA Nº10

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