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MITSUBISHI - Canter 1962-1984.
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The history of the Mitsubishi Canter from 1962-1984.

Mitsubishi Canter T720

The T720 was designed and developed in 1962 and was officially introduced to the market the following year. Popularly known as the Canter, the T720 was an economical light-duty truck with a cargo capacity of 2 tons. It was powered by a fuel efficient 4-cylinder, 2000cc 4DQ diesel engine delivering 68ps at 4,200rpm. Its design was based on the 4DP diesel engine which received the 1961 "Japan Machinery Academy Award". The 4DP engine boasted the highest power output per cc of any diesel engine on the market at the time. The T720 set the standards for the Canter's famed versatility and balanced performance capabilities, the basic qualities that have continued to keep Mitsubishi's light-duty truck lineup at the head of its class through five generations. Through all five model changes, the Canter series has evolved in line with changing user needs and market trends, facts which has allowed the Canter to gain widespread consumer recognition.

Mitsubishi Canter T90

Canter's first major model change occurred in 1968 and was released as the T90 adopting the 75ps, 4DR1 diesel engine. Many of the chassis components were common with the medium-duty Jupiter model making the Canter extremely durable and adding to its product reputation. A longer wheelbase version and a gasoline powered engine were added to the lineup to offer a wider choice. In 1972, the payload was increased to 3.5 tons. The T90 was also the fastest running truck in the light-duty class.

Mitsubishi Canter T200

The Canter T200 series was released in 1973, the 3rd generation of the line. The T200 featured a newly designed straight frame and incorporated the environmentally conscious MCA (Mitsubishi Clean Air) System. The T200 offered an engine lineup comprised of the 100ps KE47, the 95ps KE42 and the 80ps 4DR diesel engine.

Mitsubishi Canter FE

In 1978, the popular Canter series underwent its fourth major model change and was renamed the FE and adopted the 90ps, 4D30 diesel engine. For added versatility, the Canter added a wide body version to the lineup. In 1980, the Canter 1.5 series was added in response to users with more modest transport needs. It was powered by the 80ps, 4DR5 diesel engine. Again in response to the ever growing consumer requirements, Mitsubishi in 1980 added a 3.5-ton wide cab model and in 1981, a double cab which increased the passenger capacity by adding a bench seat in the rear of the extended cab. The first turbocharged direct injection diesel engine in this class came onto the scene in 1982 when Mitsubishi introduced the 120ps, 4D31T engine. For further operational ease, automatic transmission models were made available in 1984.

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