HONDA - RA271 (RA271) 1962

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The first Japanese made Formula One machine "Honda RA271" made its debut in August 1964, at the German Grand Prix. As Honda had been successfull in the Motorcycle Grand Prix racing, Europeans enthusiastically talked about Honda's debut in the Formula One World Championship. The prototype "RA270" introduced in the early 1964 was painted in gold but "RA271" had "Hinomaru" (Japanese National Flag) color on it. This machine had its V12 engine in unusual transverse layout. Though V8 engine was the most popular engine configuration at that time, Honda chose V12 with higher rpm and higher power, which showed their unique way of transforming their experiences from motorcycle racing. As overseas trips were rare and also to obtain information was not easy then, RA271 was not in the best form when it made its debut. However from the Italian GP, the second round of the season which was held at a high speed track, fuel injection system replaced Keihin twelve carburettors. American youngstar Ronnie Bucknum was laying in the fifth place during the early stage of the race, showing the true potential of this machine. As Bucknum was not well known in Europe, established European teams were shocked to see the zealous challenge from mysterious Honda from the Far East. RA271 took part in three races during the first year." style="border:0;"/>" style="border:0;"/>" style="border:0;"/>" style="border:0;"/>" target="top">" target="top">" target="top">" target="top">" target="top">" target="top">" target="top">" target="top">


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This was Japan's first Formula 1 car, and was created by Honda based on motorcycle technology. The laterally mounted V12 engine produced 220 ps/12,000 rpm, and the rear featured 4 exhaust pipes that each served 3 cylinders. The body was also a Honda-designed original, but it exceeded the minimum weight requirement by 75 kg as it had to support an engine weight of 209 kg.

Storage location : HONDA COLLECTION HALL (Twin Ring Motegi, 120-1, Hiyama, Motegi-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi-ken 321-3597)

Year manufactured : 1964

Manufacturer : Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Classification : Other

Current status : On public display: static
Vehicle name / Manufacture     
Vehicle name : Honda RA271

Company name : Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Year manufactured : 1964

Vehicle type/usage : Racing car

Location of actual vehicle/replica : Honda Collection Hall

Model / Weight     
Passenger capacity : 1

Vehicle weight : 525 kg
Body / Size     
Structure : Alloy monocoque + subframe

Tire size : 600L-13 700L-13
Body / Axle / Driving / Others     
Frame : Monocoque + tubular subframe

Wheelbase : 2300 mm

Front tread x rear tread : 1300×1350 mm

Steering : Round steering wheel

Stabilizer : Torsion bar

Engine / Size / Power     
Cooling/cylinder arrangement : Water-cooled/V2

Valve train : DOHC, intake: 2; Exhaust: 2

Bore x stroke : 58.1×47.0 mm

Displacement : 1495 cc

Max. power/r.p.m. : Over 220/12000
Hybrid system type : None

Transmission : 6-speed

Drive system : Mid Video!!!

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